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if you can't find your answer to your question feel free to ask us by contacting us through contact form.


Make sure that your order is correct by double checking Mock-ups for--- spelling mistakes, date errors, name errors,
design or logo error, please make sure if there are any other people that are in involved ,that if they need to proof it they should ...if any error are on your end it's on you , you take the blame and heat , if the mistake is on yours we will do whatever we can to make it correct , and at the worst provide a refund and/or credit...
contact form.
....All return products must be return for visualization and examining immediately  or within (1) one week or (7 days)
after order completion. the Please, E-mail
contact form. first or call at the very least to let us know. the sooner the better..We will either Replace Refund, or Give you credit a credit Bank on you invoice with Credit in it ......on your Invoice...
Sometimes little pin size holes can be on your shirt these spots are call pinholes and are there due to ink being push through a little hole that exposed due to dust and didn't get notice at prep time...
these can be fix or shoot out with what is called a Spot gun,
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Hidden charges arise when a job demands for that partical fee.
I will supply you with a full list of them down below..

Most hidden charges seem like hidden charges because they are not well know  by a new customers who do not
order freqently or haven't learnt the lingo or the procedure to understand when they may come up in a order....
Making most Printing company's seem shady no matter what price they may be asking....

Hidden charges arise from
anything that uses more time/material is going to be more...more screens..more set-up...more changing the boards  for print location.....more cleaning the screen and products use on the screens....more error and troublshooting  if hell arises well as your looking to give your customers a flawless product which through the process requires more effort.....
Bottom line with us on set-ups
Set-up  is free on the (1st)first order cause you are already paying possibly the most on a first order then you will even ona repeat unless all of your garment apparel is on sale the first time and not the second ....which could happen form.

I do not charge all these charges but they are justifed among the screen printing industry professionals:
    Items that will increase overall cost:

    - Artwork re-creation
    - Artwork Separations
    - Film Output
    - Digitizing

    - Screen Charges
    - Set-up
    - Shipping and Handling
    - Tax
    - Rush orders
    - Screen Color change
    - Special Ink
    - white prints
    - flash charge
    - ink prices increasing for copany's
    - up-sizing shirts (2xl - 6xl)
    - Artwork supplied in the wrong format
Items that will de-crease overall cost:

- T-shirt sale prices
- Credit with company
- Volume
purchasing power
Being Over Friendly and Nice
- Minimizing items that will increase cost
- not up sizing T-shirts
- Ordering only white shirts
- re-orders
- re-orders with sales
- Artwork supplied in the correct format



Optional other companys cost that increase cost:

- # of Employees
- Costly Overhead
- Warehouse space


Optional other companys cost that lower cost:

- no Employees
- low overhead
- knowledge of trade

contact form.





BBreak -down of  fees 1st time order and 2nd time orders:
(1) one first order charges--
- Artwork re-creation
- Artwork Separations
- Film Output
- Digitizing

(1) order charges--

- Screen Charges
- Set-up
- Shipping and Handling
- Tax
(1) Extra charges--

- Rush orders

- Screen Color change
- Special Ink
- white prints
- flash charge
- ink prices increasing for copany's
- up-sizing shirts (2xl - 6xl)



Most hidden charges are not know  but are justified among the industry trade of screen printiers ...Some
of these charges are over charged and some are under or never charged in worst cases....due to the most common  order were you need only artwork output,screens,set-up,and garment & shirt...t
these fees can also be divided into ink charge to make it look like only two charges of garment and ink

there will be little to no hidden charges
some call these hidden charges but these are also justifed by most frequent customer these fees are fact and well know...
The thing about most of these charges are they are not charges out to get you but charges to protected the screen
printer from loosing out on profit cause in reality if your printer not making a little bit of money off you , then they are not a flourishing business that will stay open and be able to hire help and pay for overhead not to mention products that increase in price while shriking there bucket size ... Do you think Screenprinters call the supply chains and ask them about there shrinking buckets and increase price..Do print company owners that are hands on even have the time to put down a sqweegee to get the answer...will it change anything?.......and you need industry pro to create good paying a little bit is not so bad and a nessary in the industry for real success...


  the soo











Other asked Questions-


Q: How many colors can you print ?
A: As of right now 4 for each location, But some times we can do some tricks and get up to 6 through, just depends on your design.

Q: Is it true that I won't have to pay for Art Creation & Art output when I place a re-order ?.
A: yes, That is true your shirts will be much less on the re-order and will not show those charges.

Q: When will my shirts be done ?
A: At most other shops your looking from 3 days to 2 weeks depending on the shop and clientel that they have.
for us it usally next day to 3 days for more advance its can take 3 to 5 days, and if it's being shipped out add 3 to 5 days for ground shipping for that

Q: Can I bring my own shirts ?
A: Yes, you can actually.

Q: Do you print for just one shirt ?
A: Yes, just depends on the job.

Q: What's the difference between Screen Printing & Heat Transfers ?
A: Heat Transfer are inferror because they don't last and crack after so many washs and theres usally a sqaure box look to them,

Q: Are your shirts good Quality?
A: Gildan, Hanes, Fruit Of the Loom, Alstyle, very respectable brands,The Best on the market.

ave more control and visual on a manual and make less mistakes because you know what each screen is printing right then and there.