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Freqently Asked Questions ?
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What format should my artwork be in?
The Answer... Depends on the artwork...if you are doing something photorealistic then I suggest you do it or have it done in Photoshop with is (PSD) format ... When starting a new project by going to File>New make sure your File Width is aleast 17 X 11 inches not to be confuse with any other bi-metrics..and that Resoultion is set to 300 DPI...

as well, Cartoon of business logo is often refer to as Smooth or Vectors which we accept (cdr.) format, and we also can take (eps) format..  so,  to sum it up (psd),(cdr), or (eps)...

Please send in fonts by doing this: go to
---My Computer > Local Disk(C:) > WINDOWS > fonts - (hold down ctrl+A) to select all and  (hold down ctrl+C)  to Copy all and then go to your desktop and create a new folder name my font   and  click into that folder and then (hold down ctrl+V) to paste fonts in that folder , then go to your desktop where folder is and right click mouse button and go to sbout 7th option down which may be something like send to and select and click on the compress folder.. after doing so your folder will be compresed ready for sending through E-mail , I will have your font that you use plus any fonts that are in that fold that you may plan on using in the future...


Are your shirts quality T-shirts?
The Answer... is yes? We supply Top of the Line shirts I do believe just like any other Vendor in the screen printing industry?-some what of a newbbie question. As well you can always bring your own if you don't want a quality shirt cause that's for the most part is all I can get....


  Why do dark shirts cost more then white's shirts?
The because they have to use dyes for any shirts that are colored, and making these dyes cost money, it's easier to turn natural color of cotton to white then to any other color...with that said natural shirts are less as well..
in additon to dark shirts being screenprinted they cost more to do cause a underbase white goes underneath all other
colors to bring out the colors in a vibrant way...otherwise they would be dull with out it... this said white ink take double the prints plus the cost for white ink is more as well so a bucket is really like half a bucket that cost printers have to charge 2X the print to accumadate for this....


  Why do up-size (2XL-6XL)  shirts cost more?
The because they have to use dyes for any shirts and more fabric that are colored, and making these dyes & fabrics cost money, some of these shirts are twice as big as what I wear so double the cost would be apporiate in aspect..


  What is your turnaround time?
The at this time there is a first come first waited on because it's extremly slow here to where I have to collect food stamps... Most shops are (2-3 weeks turnaround) , I like to manage time to suit all customers and there Due Dates...
our turnaround at this time is (1-7 days turnaround). anything that  is high demand is usually concidered a RUSH job and if they are multi logos, location,setup,and new artwork obvious and new screens a printer can be overwhelmed with grief and against the clock so a apporiate fee for this is all but nessary..


 What if I have a rush job?
The call to see turnaround time for may not be a rush job at our shop at this time of typing...
and remember the job begans when artwork is sent in and accepted... and payment has been arranged and paid in full..


What is a Mock-up?
The a mock-up is a Digital Example E-mailed to you for proof checking for spelling errors  such as (names ), (dates) & color or anything that is realted in making the Artork deisgn correct & accurate before going onto the Exspensive process of screenprinting. --this elimnates supply cost and customer satifaction...if you don't get a mock-up ask for one...


What can I have my Order printed on?
The Answer....Let your Printer know before starting a project that you would like your logo to go on to other garments as well.
this way he can a least prepare some art for it. In most cases -Your same logo can go on arrange of T'shirts ,7 ft by 7 ft Banners ,hats.panties,booty shorts,hoodies,crewnecks sweatshirts, Mugs,shotglasses and more...little adjustment may have to be made. to get your logo on the all of these..


Can I use a web image for my design?
The Answer....the only way to know is to send it to us ..cause it may actually just might work but, the rule of thumb is to
have designs at 300 dpi for printing which makes them look good and web can get by on 72dpi for a image to look good but, on ashirt 72 will look like Shhhhhh, in most events....


Do you Censor or deny work?
The Answer....We will print anything from  religion like Church's to obsean designs or anti-eligious propaganda we really don't  mind or get upset with what we print .


What is your return Policy?
The Answer....All return products must be return for visualization and examining within one week or order completion.
 Please, call first and leave a message or E-mail at the very least to let us know. the sooner the better..We will either Replace Refund, or Give you a Bank on you invoice with Credit in it on your Invoice...


What is your refund Policy?
The Answer....You should again be aleart and double check the digital proof mock-up for errors & the invoice that we provide you cause if you don't catch it  through a complete process cycle the error is your responsbility and it's as they say on you....

if it's on us we will do everything we can to refund and/make things work out l ...

  the soo11

Why is your company still in a garage?
The Answer....I was and I'm still alittle upset when starting my business due to other peoples jealously or bad rapport behaviour which had a long time effect with on my Phycgology maybe some what hypnotized by the press and the heat ,lack of sleep and dehydration all at the same time... and this was all which was obtain through working at this other company screen printing shop some of this was message of racism  towards mostly towards yours truly and others who could never hear it.....aside from that I had bought my brothers downhill used equipment which envetually fail on myself..&was not use properly and had some really bad macgyver rigs to come along with them, in  which I had to work on adn buy other products from home depot visting nearly everyday just to make everything dial-in and work right like a good non-stressful shop should be running...and to mention customers and the standard art program a lot would send lockdown illustrator files whcih I could never open and had to call them upteen times trying to get a file that I could open and use not to mention compatibilty issues with what version they had vs. what I had..these days I wouldn't take a ai. file...they could just send ijust about any other format...As well you have your fake customers calling trying to get something for nothing or see what your up too. mean while
all this was a big waste of time...and lack of money...due to being the least & less price in Las Vegas things where just not happening then... I would would actually loose money and give low price printing rates and customers would complain about price... really have to have a lot of customers or high prices or it doesn't work out...with the proper price and mentality... A  screenprinting job would support the business further but they traded out all the Rebel Rocker long-hair people from working a job for the many import people to keep cost down and the bigger business here being from other countries them self ti makes sense to hire alike... Not to mention that there are likely brain washers out spilling lies and some which bash on garage shops and tell people on there websites that garage shops are no good, for the most part they are likely right but not every garage shop are New to the industry....and to me a garage shop is more of a real person who carries out there own work...these days it's hard to get a good foundation with the big dogs set in customer satifactions..they say it the best when they say all customer all satified to me it says no one else get any customers I come across....


Can I cancel my order?
The Answer....You can but shouln't due to restocking fees,  shipping fees ,and, processing fees and any other work fees that have been engaged to..the re-stocking is 15%  + shipping fee is  25+more, processing fee is not easy aquired until in progress...


Do you do tradtional screen printing?
The Answer....Yes we so as traditional as it can get we use manaul press with plastisol inks...
the Bigger Company's use cheap labor staff and Auto Presses...for low cost  high volume high demand products..

other add-on in shop are heatpressing transfers and DTG printers which I believe are still the most current in shop add-on...


Is there a minimum order for Screen Printing?
The Answer....Yes have at least order 25 ... for serval different reasons some that are out of my hands...


Does Legendary Supply Apparel?
The Answer....Yes are on this website and you don't know  if we do or not ..that's one of ours main focus points..





no listed itmes at this time 
Located In Las Vegas, Nevada and we are a very small Screen Printing shop.

Our Main focus is Supplying customer's with T'shirts along with there prints.

How it works is as a Customer you provide a design to be printed and we order the shirts for you and print it by your due date.

Through the process we very highly likely will provide you with a clean ledgeable Invoice receipt
 and a Digital Example of what your shirt design's are going to look like.

We hope to devlope & maintain orders with you by doing a great job.
We will try to make common grow with the business and our customers.

We gladly thank you for your patronage here at legendary Quality Printing
and hope to see and print more for you...