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Hello, We are "Legendary Quality Printing"
Located In Las Vegas, Nevada and we are a very small Screen Printing shop. 
The Owner who is Native American/white would like to personally thank you for any interest in us or our company and what we have to offer & in ways we can help you out...

WThere is a stigma that has arised about garage shops not doing a good job or so I seem to think that, many garage shops and newbies open then close there door soon after they realize how hard it is and how much is involved
,TThn first years you don't make any money cause it's a buyers market you are basically paying for products that you may not have, As well the first years are hands on learning years, and you have to keep prices low to compete, keep at it through trial and error.. 
With that said just because you're a store front and have lots of employees does not mean your going to get a value product of quality as I've seen many products that don't stand the value & quality standard..I've seen many Auto-mactics press that are out of alignment and off on Registration and well I've seen shops that do not Fully dry there product due weather or due to rushing out a  bigger more imporatnt order where the only outcome is to gain the most capital...Being a customers of other company shops as well I've have felt like a victim as I have given orders to other shops loosing in over all capital and have gotten very low quality and smelly shirts..When your a shop with potential you have wary of other shops sabatoing even though in some suituations they them may not mean to...most shops have more enough work so loosing a one time order one time customer is no big deal to them and sometimes It may be a good thing on there end if that customer is not a good genuine which sometimes more often then none is the case...
Most of the shops these days are saturated with  common labor workers & can put you out of work without a industry trade to feel like home in...labors workers use to be in high demand and now they are a dime a a dozen..Which may be a good thing in getting a product but at the other end of the spectrum it is fround upon...


Through the years or trial and error we have develop a niche of do a great job and carry many of the better products that are involved in getting a a good shirt to look great..
In fact we have carry out and still planning to make ourselves know to the public and the industry  and looking forward to being one of the main key players who succeds and is part of other small business success... We don't mind helping out our competitve copetition the least bit..

Our Main focus is Supplying customer's with T'shirts along with there prints
How it works is as a Customer you provide a design to be printed and we order the shirts for you and print it by your due date.

Through the process we  provide you with a quote and a clean ledgeable Invoice receipt
 and a Digital Example of what your shirt design's are going to look like.

We hope to devlope & maintain orders with you by doing a great job.
We will try to make common ground and growth with you our customer.

We gladly thank you for your patronage here at legendary Quality Printing
and hope to see more of you...